This class is autogenerated. More detailed documentation can be found in the SDFormat spec.

class v12.model.Model(static=False, allow_auto_disable=True, pose='0 0 0 0 0 0', link=<factory>, joint=<factory>, plugin=<factory>, gripper=<factory>, name=None)

The model element defines a complete robot or any other physical object.

static: If set to true, the model is immovable. Otherwise the model

is simulated in the dynamics engine.

allow_auto_disable: Allows a model to auto-disable, which is means

the physics engine can skip updating the model when the model is at rest. This parameter is only used by models with no joints.

pose: A position and orientation in the global coordinate frame for

the model. Position(x,y,z) and rotation (roll, pitch yaw) in the global coordinate frame.

link: A physical link with inertia, collision, and visual

properties. A link must be a child of a model, and any number of links may exist in a model.

joint: A joint connections two links with kinematic and dynamic


plugin: A plugin is a dynamically loaded chunk of code. It can exist

as a child of world, model, and sensor.

name: A unique name for the model. This name must not match another

model in the world.

Nested Elements

Note that only complex elements are listed here. Elements that resolve to simple types (int, str, bool) are inlined.

v12.model.Model.Gripper(grasp_check, ...)

v12.model.Model.Plugin([any_element, name, ...])

A plugin is a dynamically loaded chunk of code.