This class is autogenerated. More detailed documentation can be found in the SDFormat spec.

class v12.scene.Scene(ambient='0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0', background='.7 .7 .7 1', sky=None, shadows=True, fog=None, grid=True)

Specifies the look of the environment.

ambient: Color of the ambient light.
background: Color of the background.
sky: Properties for the sky
shadows: Enable/disable shadows
fog: Controls fog
grid: Enable/disable the grid

Nested Elements

Note that only complex elements are listed here. Elements that resolve to simple types (int, str, bool) are inlined.

v12.scene.Scene.Fog([color, type, start, ...])

Controls fog.

v12.scene.Scene.Sky([time, sunrise, sunset, ...])

Properties for the sky.