This class is autogenerated. More detailed documentation can be found in the SDFormat spec.

class v17.joint.Joint.Axis(initial_position=0.0, xyz=None, dynamics=None, limit=None)

Parameters related to the axis of rotation for revolute joints, the axis of translation for prismatic joints.

initial_position: Default joint position for this joint axis.
xyz: Represents the x,y,z components of the axis unit vector.

The axis is expressed in the joint frame unless a different frame is expressed in the expressed_in attribute. The vector should be normalized.

dynamics: An element specifying physical properties of the

joint. These values are used to specify modeling properties of the joint, particularly useful for simulation.

limit: specifies the limits of this joint

Nested Elements

Note that only complex elements are listed here. Elements that resolve to simple types (int, str, bool) are inlined.

v17.joint.Joint.Axis.Dynamics([damping, ...])

An element specifying physical properties of the joint.

v17.joint.Joint.Axis.Limit([lower, upper, ...])

specifies the limits of this joint.

v17.joint.Joint.Axis.Xyz([value, expressed_in])