This class is autogenerated. More detailed documentation can be found in the SDFormat spec.

class v18.material.Material.Pbr.Metal(albedo_map=None, roughness_map=None, roughness='0.5', metalness_map=None, metalness='0.5', environment_map=None, ambient_occlusion_map=None, normal_map=None, emissive_map=None, light_map=None)

PBR using the Metallic/Roughness workflow.

albedo_map: Filename of the diffuse/albedo map.
roughness_map: Filename of the roughness map.
roughness: Material roughness in the range of [0,1], where 0

represents a smooth surface and 1 represents a rough surface. This is the inverse of a specular map in a PBR specular workflow.

metalness_map: Filename of the metalness map.
metalness: Material metalness in the range of [0,1], where 0

represents non-metal and 1 represents raw metal

environment_map: Filename of the environment / reflection

map, typically in the form of a cubemap

ambient_occlusion_map: Filename of the ambient occlusion

map. The map defines the amount of ambient lighting on the surface.

normal_map: Filename of the normal map. The normals can be

in the object space or tangent space as specified in the ‘type’ attribute

emissive_map: Filename of the emissive map.
light_map: Filename of the light map. The light map is a

prebaked light texture that is applied over the albedo map

Nested Elements

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