This class is autogenerated. More detailed documentation can be found in the SDFormat spec.

class v18.physics.Physics(max_step_size=0.001, real_time_factor=1.0, real_time_update_rate=1000.0, max_contacts=20, dart=None, simbody=None, bullet=None, ode=None, name='default_physics', default=False, type=None)

The physics tag specifies the type and properties of the dynamics engine.

max_step_size: Maximum time step size at which every system in

simulation can interact with the states of the world. (was physics.sdf’s dt).

real_time_factor: target simulation speedup factor, defined by ratio

of simulation time to real-time.

real_time_update_rate: Rate at which to update the physics engine

(UpdatePhysics calls per real-time second). (was physics.sdf’s update_rate).

max_contacts: Maximum number of contacts allowed between two

entities. This value can be over ridden by a max_contacts element in a collision element.

dart: DART specific physics properties
simbody: Simbody specific physics properties
bullet: Bullet specific physics properties
ode: ODE specific physics properties
name: The name of this set of physics parameters.
default: If true, this physics element is set as the default physics

profile for the world. If multiple default physics elements exist, the first element marked as default is chosen. If no default physics element exists, the first physics element is chosen.

type: The type of the dynamics engine. Current options are ode,

bullet, simbody and dart. Defaults to ode if left unspecified.

Nested Elements

Note that only complex elements are listed here. Elements that resolve to simple types (int, str, bool) are inlined.

v18.physics.Physics.Bullet([solver, constraints])

Bullet specific physics properties.

v18.physics.Physics.Dart([solver, ...])

DART specific physics properties.

v18.physics.Physics.Ode([solver, constraints])

ODE specific physics properties.

v18.physics.Physics.Simbody([min_step_size, ...])

Simbody specific physics properties.