This class is autogenerated. More detailed documentation can be found in the SDFormat spec.

class v18.visual.Visual(cast_shadows=True, laser_retro=0.0, transparency=0.0, visibility_flags=4294967295, meta=None, pose=None, material=None, geometry=None, plugin=<factory>, name=None)

The visual properties of the link.

This element specifies the shape of the object (box, cylinder, etc.) for visualization purposes.

cast_shadows: If true the visual will cast shadows.
laser_retro: will be implemented in the future release.
transparency: The amount of transparency( 0=opaque, 1 = fully


visibility_flags: Visibility flags of a visual. When (camera’s

visibility_mask &amp; visual’s visibility_flags) evaluates to non-zero, the visual will be visible to the camera.

meta: Optional meta information for the visual. The information

contained within this element should be used to provide additional feedback to an end user.

pose: A position (x,y,z) and orientation (roll, pitch yaw) with

respect to the frame named in the relative_to attribute.

material: The material of the visual element.
geometry: The shape of the visual or collision object.
plugin: A plugin is a dynamically loaded chunk of code. It can exist

as a child of world, model, and sensor.

name: Unique name for the visual element within the scope of the

parent link.

Nested Elements

Note that only complex elements are listed here. Elements that resolve to simple types (int, str, bool) are inlined.


Optional meta information for the visual.

v18.visual.Visual.Plugin([any_element, ...])

A plugin is a dynamically loaded chunk of code.

v18.visual.Visual.Pose([value, relative_to])