Create a frame graph from a sdformat string.

Deprecated since version 0.6.0: This function will be removed in skbot v1.0. Use :func:skbot.ignition.to_frame_graph instead. To find frames in the frame graph returned by to_frame_graph use :func:skbot.transform.Frame.find_frame. Links/Joints can be obtained from :func:skbot.transform.Frame.links_between.

sdformat: TextIO

A text buffer containing the SDFormat XML.

framesDict[str, Frames]

A dict of named frames. Keys and frame names correspond to each element’s xpath. An xpath is a string representing the position of the element in the tree it is constructed from concatenating element tags using / except for elements that have a name attribute. In this case, the respective name is used instead of the tag. Examples: /sdf/spot_light/pose or /sdf/world_1/my_robot/joint_1

linksDict[str, Frames]

A dict of (named) links in the graph.

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Return type

Tuple[Dict[str, Frame], Dict[str, Link]]