Inverse Kinematics (IK) Algorithms.

The algorithms in this module find values for a set of joints (a glorified list of tf.Links) such that the score of one or more Targets is below a given threshold.

Targets are specified between two tf.Frames that are connected by a sequence of tf.Links (the kinematic chain). For example, the PositionTarget can be used to specify that a position in a robot’s tool frame should have a certain position when transformed into the world frame. The available IK algorithms will then attempt to find values for the chosen joints - which are assumed to be between these two frames - such that the value of the transformed tool position and the value of the world position is closer than some threshold.


PositionTarget(static_position, ...[, norm, ...])

IK position target (nD).

RotationTarget(desired_rotation, ...[, atol])

IK rotation target (2D/3D).

IK Algorithms

skbot.inverse_kinematics.ccd(targets[, ...])

Cyclic Coordinate Descent., joints, *)

L-BFGS-B based Gradient Descent.