Source code for skbot.ignition.sdformat.generic_sdf.model

from itertools import chain
from typing import List, Any, Dict, Tuple
import warnings
from itertools import chain

from .base import (
from .link import Link
from .include import Include
from .frame import Frame
from .joint import Joint
from .plugin import Plugin
from .gripper import Gripper
from .actor import Actor
from .light import Light
from ..exceptions import ParseError
from .... import transform as tf
from .origin import Origin

[docs]class Model(ElementBase): """A physical object in the simulation The model element defines a complete robot or any other physical object. This includes (but is not limited to) its appearance, collision, skeleton/kinematic chain. Parameters ---------- name : str A unique name for the model. This name must not match another model in the world. canonical_link : str The name of the model's canonical link, to which the model's implicit coordinate frame is attached. If unset or set to an empty string, the first link element listed as a child of this model is chosen as the canonical link. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.7 placement_frame : str The frame inside this model whose pose will be set by the pose element of the model. Defaults to ``__model__`` (the implicit model frame). .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.8 static : bool If True (default), the model is immovable. Otherwise the model is simulated in the dynamics engine. self_collide : bool If True, all links in the model will collide with each other (except those connected by a joint). Can be overridden by the link or collision element self_collide property. Two links within a model will collide if link1.self_collide OR link2.self_collide. Links connected by a joint will never collide. The default is ``False``. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.5 allow_auto_disable : bool Allows a model to auto-disable, which is means the physics engine can skip updating the model when the model is at rest. This parameter is only used by models with no joints. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.2 frames : List[Frame] A list of frames of reference in which poses may be expressed. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.5 pose : Pose The model's initial position (x,y,z) and orientation (roll, pitch, yaw). .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.2 links : List[Link] A list of links. Each link represents a rigid body with inertia, collision, and visual properties. .. versionchanged:: SDFormat v1.5 A model may now have 0 links. joints : List[Joint] A list of joints. Each joint specifies a kinematic and/or dynamic constraints between two links. plugins : List[Plugin] A list of plugins used to customize the runtime behavior of the simulation. grippers: List[Gripper], A list of grippers. includes : List[Include] A list of references to other SDF files that contain :class:`Models <Model>` to include as nested models. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.5 models : List[Model] A list of models nested within this model. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.5 enable_wind : bool If set to true, all links in the model will be affected by the wind. Can be overriden by the link wind property. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.6 sdf_version : str The SDFormat version to use when constructing this element. origin : Origin The model's origin. .. deprecated:: SDFormat v1.2 Use ``Model.pose`` instead. Attributes ---------- name : str See ``Parameters`` section. canonical_link : str See ``Parameters`` section. placement_frame : str See ``Parameters`` section. static : bool See ``Parameters`` section. self_collide : bool See ``Parameters`` section. allow_auto_disable : bool See ``Parameters`` section. frames : List[Frame] See ``Parameters`` section. pose : Pose See ``Parameters`` section. links : List[Link] See ``Parameters`` section. joints : List[Joint] See ``Parameters`` section. plugins : List[Plugin] See ``Parameters`` section. grippers: List[Gripper], See ``Parameters`` section. includes : List[Include] See ``Parameters`` section. models : List[Model] See ``Parameters`` section. enable_wind : bool See ``Parameters`` section. """
[docs] def __init__( self, *, name: str, canonical_link: str = None, placement_frame: str = "__model__", static: bool = False, self_collide: bool = False, allow_auto_disable: bool = True, frames: List[Frame] = None, pose: Pose = None, links: List[Link], joints: List[Joint], plugins: List[Plugin], grippers: List[Gripper], includes: List[Include] = None, models: List["Model"] = None, enable_wind: bool = False, sdf_version: str, origin: Origin = None, ) -> None: super().__init__(sdf_version=sdf_version) = name if placement_frame == "": placement_frame = None if placement_frame is None: placement_frame = "__model__" self.placement_frame = placement_frame self.static = static self.self_collide = self_collide self.allow_auto_disable = allow_auto_disable self.frames = [] if frames is None else frames if origin is None: self._origin = Origin(sdf_version=sdf_version) elif sdf_version == "1.0": self._origin = origin else: warnings.warn( "`origin` is deprecated. Use `Model.pose` instead.", DeprecationWarning ) self._origin = origin if len(links) == 0 and sdf_version in ["1.0", "1.2", "1.3", "1.4"]: raise ValueError("A `Model` must specify at least one `Link`.") else: self.links = links if sdf_version == "1.0": self.pose = self._origin.pose elif pose is None: self.pose = Pose(sdf_version=sdf_version) else: self.pose = pose self._origin.pose = self.pose self.joints = joints self.plugins = plugins self.grippers = grippers self.models = [] if models is None else models self.enable_wind = enable_wind for include in includes: fragment = include.resolve() if isinstance(fragment, Model): self.models.append(fragment) else: raise ValueError("`Model.include` can only be used to include models.") if canonical_link == "": canonical_link = None if self.static: self.canonical_link = "world" elif canonical_link is not None: self.canonical_link = canonical_link elif len(self.links) > 0: self.canonical_link = links[0].name elif len(self.models) > 0: model_name = self.models[0].name self.canonical_link = f"{model_name}" else: raise ValueError( "`Model` must specify `canonical_link` or have at least one `link`." ) for el in chain( self.models, self.frames, self.links, self.joints # lights ): if el.pose.relative_to is None: el.pose.relative_to = "__model__" for frame in self.frames: if frame.attached_to is None: frame.attached_to = "__model__"
@property def origin(self): warnings.warn( "`Model.origin` is deprecated since SDFormat v1.2. Use `Model.pose` instead.", DeprecationWarning, ) return self._origin @classmethod def from_specific(cls, specific: Any, *, version: str) -> "Model": model_args = {"name":, "sdf_version": version} elements_with_default = { "canonical_link": StringElement, "placement_frame": StringElement, "static": BoolElement, "self_collide": BoolElement, "allow_auto_disable": BoolElement, "origin": Origin, "pose": Pose, "enable_wind": BoolElement, } list_elements = { "frame": ("frames", Frame), "link": ("links", Link), "joint": ("joints", Joint), "plugin": ("plugins", Plugin), "gripper": ("grippers", Gripper), "include": ("includes", Include), "model": ("models", Model), } standard_args = cls._prepare_standard_args( specific, elements_with_default, list_elements, version=version ) model_args.update(standard_args) # if hasattr(specific, "placement_frame") and : # model_args["placement_frame"] return Model(**model_args) def declared_frames(self) -> Dict[str, tf.Frame]: declared_frames = {"__model__": tf.Frame(3,} for el in chain(self.frames, self.links, self.joints): declared_frames.update(el.declared_frames()) for model in self.models: model_frames = model.declared_frames() declared_frames[] = model_frames["__model__"] for name, frame in model_frames.items(): declared_frames[f"{}::{name}"] = frame return declared_frames def to_static_graph( self, declared_frames: Dict[str, tf.Frame], *, seed: int = None, shape: Tuple, axis: int = -1, ) -> tf.Frame: for model in self.models: scope = { name.split("::", 1)[1]: frame for name, frame in declared_frames.items() if name.startswith(f"{}::") } scope["world"] = declared_frames["world"] model.to_static_graph(scope, seed=seed, shape=shape, axis=axis) for model in self.models: link = model.pose.to_tf_link() parent_name = model.pose.relative_to child_name = f"{}::{model.placement_frame}" parent = declared_frames[parent_name] child = declared_frames[child_name] link(child, parent) for el in chain(self.frames, self.links, self.joints): el.to_static_graph(declared_frames, seed=seed, shape=shape, axis=axis) el.pose.to_static_graph(declared_frames,, shape=shape, axis=axis) return declared_frames["__model__"] def to_dynamic_graph( self, declared_frames: Dict[str, tf.Frame], *, seed: int = None, shape: Tuple[int] = ..., axis: int = -1, apply_state: bool = True, _scaffolding: Dict[str, tf.Frame], ) -> tf.Frame: for model in self.models: scaffold_scope = { name.split("::", 1)[1]: frame for name, frame in _scaffolding.items() if name.startswith(f"{}::") } scaffold_scope["world"] = _scaffolding["world"] scope = { name.split("::", 1)[1]: frame for name, frame in declared_frames.items() if name.startswith(f"{}::") } scope["world"] = declared_frames["world"] model.to_dynamic_graph( scope, seed=seed, shape=shape, axis=axis, apply_state=apply_state, _scaffolding=scaffold_scope, ) if self.static: parent = declared_frames["world"] parent_static = _scaffolding["world"] else: parent = declared_frames[self.canonical_link] parent_static = _scaffolding[self.canonical_link] child = declared_frames["__model__"] child_static = _scaffolding["__model__"] tf.CompundLink(parent_static.links_between(child_static))(parent, child) for el in chain(self.frames, self.links, self.joints): el.to_dynamic_graph( declared_frames, seed=seed, shape=shape, axis=axis, apply_state=apply_state, _scaffolding=_scaffolding, ) return declared_frames["__model__"]