Source code for skbot.ignition.sdformat.generic_sdf.sensor

import warnings
from typing import List, Any, Dict, Tuple
from itertools import chain

from .base import (
from .frame import Frame
from .origin import Origin
from .plugin import Plugin
from .camera import Camera
from .sensors import Ray
from .sensors import Contact
from .sensors import RfidTag
from .sensors import Rfid
from .sensors import Imu
from .sensors import ForceTorque
from .sensors import Gps
from .sensors import Sonar
from .sensors import Transceiver
from .sensors import Altimeter
from .sensors import LogicalCamera
from .sensors import Magnetometer
from .sensors import AirPressure
from .sensors import Lidar
from .sensors import Navsat
from .... import transform as tf

[docs]class Sensor(ElementBase): """A sensor. Parameters ---------- name : str A unique name for the sensor. This name must not match another sensor under the same parent. type : str The type name of the sensor. The "ray", "gpu_ray", and "gps" types are equivalent to "lidar", "gpu_lidar", and "navsat", respectively. It is preferred to use "lidar", "gpu_lidar", and "navsat" since "ray", "gpu_ray", and "gps" will be deprecated. The "ray", "gpu_ray", and "gps" types are maintained for legacy support. Must be one of: - air_pressure - altimeter - camera - contact - depth_camera, depth - force_torque - gps - gpu_lidar - gpu_ray - imu - lidar - logical_camera - magnetometer - multicamera - navsat - ray - rfid - rfidtag - rgbd_camera, rgbd - sonar - thermal_camera, thermal - wireless_receiver - wireless_transmitter always_on : bool If true the sensor will always be updated according to the update rate. Default is ``False``. update_rate : float The frequency at which the sensor data is generated. If set to 0, the sensor will generate data every cycle. Default is ``0``. visualize : bool If true, the sensor is visualized in the GUI. Default is ``False``. enable_metrics : bool If true, the sensor will publish performance metrics. Default is ``False``. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.7 pose : Pose The links's initial position (x,y,z) and orientation (roll, pitch, yaw). .. versionadded:: SDFormat 1.2 topic : str Name of the topic on which data is published. plugins : List[Plugin] A list of plugins used to customize the runtime behavior of the simulation. air_pressure : AirPressure Parameters of a Barometer sensor. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.6 camera : Camera Parameters of a Camera sensor. ray : Ray Parameters of a Laser sensor. contact : Contact Parameters of a Contact sensor. rfid : Rfid Parameters of a RFID sensor. rfidtag : RfidTag Parameters of a RFID Tag. imu : Imu Parameters of a Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.3 force_torque : ForceTorque Parameters of a torque sensor. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.4 gps : Gps Parameters of a GPS. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.4 sonar : Sonar parameters of a Sonar. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.4 transceiver : Transceiver Parameters for a wireless transceiver. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.4 altimeter : Altimeter Parameters for an Altimeter, .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.5 lidar : Lidar Parameters of a LIDAR sensor. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.6 logical_camera : LogicalCamera Parameters of a logical camera. magnetometer : Magnetometer Parameters of a magnetometer. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.5 navsat : Navsat Parameters of a GPS. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.7 sdf_version : str The SDFormat version to use when constructing this element. origin : Origin The link's origin. .. deprecated:: SDFormat v1.2 Use `Sensor.pose` instead. frames : List[Frame] A list of frames of reference in which poses may be expressed. .. deprecated:: SDFormat v1.7 Use :attr:`Model.frame` instead. .. versionadded:: SDFormat v1.5 Attributes ---------- particle_emitters : List[ParticleEmitter] See ``Parameters`` section. name : str See ``Parameters`` section. type : str See ``Parameters`` section. always_on : bool See ``Parameters`` section. update_rate : float See ``Parameters`` section. visualize : bool See ``Parameters`` section. enable_metrics : bool See ``Parameters`` section. pose : Pose See ``Parameters`` section. topic : str See ``Parameters`` section. plugins : List[Plugin] See ``Parameters`` section. air_pressure : AirPressure See ``Parameters`` section. camera : Camera See ``Parameters`` section. ray : Ray See ``Parameters`` section. contact : Contact See ``Parameters`` section. rfid : Rfid See ``Parameters`` section. rfidtag : RfidTag See ``Parameters`` section. imu : Imu See ``Parameters`` section. force_torque : ForceTorque See ``Parameters`` section. gps : Gps See ``Parameters`` section. sonar : Sonar See ``Parameters`` section. transceiver : Transceiver See ``Parameters`` section. altimeter : Altimeter See ``Parameters`` section. lidar : Lidar See ``Parameters`` section. logical_camera : LogicalCamera See ``Parameters`` section. magnetometer : Magnetometer See ``Parameters`` section. navsat : Navsat See ``Parameters`` section. """
[docs] def __init__( self, *, name: str, type: str, always_on: bool = False, update_rate: float = 0, visualize: bool = False, enable_metrics: bool = False, origin: Origin = None, pose: Pose = None, topic: str = None, plugins: List[Plugin], air_pressure: AirPressure = None, camera: Camera = None, ray: Ray = None, contact: Contact = None, rfid: Rfid = None, rfidtag: RfidTag = None, imu: Imu = None, force_torque: ForceTorque = None, gps: Gps = None, sonar: Sonar = None, transceiver: Transceiver = None, frames: List[Frame] = None, altimeter: Altimeter = None, lidar: Lidar = None, logical_camera: LogicalCamera = None, magnetometer: Magnetometer = None, navsat: Navsat = None, sdf_version: str, ) -> None: super().__init__(sdf_version=sdf_version) = name self.type = type self.always_on = always_on self.update_rate = update_rate self.visualize = visualize self.enable_metrics = enable_metrics if origin is None: self._origin = Origin(sdf_version=sdf_version) elif sdf_version == "1.0": self._origin = origin else: warnings.warn( "`origin` is deprecated. Use `Sensor.pose` instead.", DeprecationWarning ) self._origin = origin if sdf_version == "1.0": self.pose = self._origin.pose elif pose is None: self.pose = Pose(sdf_version=sdf_version) else: self.pose = pose self.topic = self.type if topic is None else topic self.plugins = [] if plugins is None else plugins self.air_pressure = ( AirPressure(sdf_version=sdf_version) if air_pressure is None else air_pressure ) = Camera(sdf_version=sdf_version) if camera is None else camera self.ray = Ray(sdf_version=sdf_version) if ray is None else ray = Contact(sdf_version=sdf_version) if contact is None else contact self.rfid = Rfid(sdf_version=sdf_version) if rfid is None else rfid self.rfidtag = RfidTag(sdf_version=sdf_version) if rfidtag is None else rfidtag self.imu = Imu(sdf_version=sdf_version) if imu is None else imu self.force_torque = ( ForceTorque(sdf_version=sdf_version) if force_torque is None else force_torque ) self.gps = Gps(sdf_version=sdf_version) if gps is None else gps self.sonar = Sonar(sdf_version=sdf_version) if sonar is None else sonar self.transceiver = ( Transceiver(sdf_version=sdf_version) if transceiver is None else transceiver ) self._frames = [] if frames is None else frames self.altimeter = ( Altimeter(sdf_version=sdf_version) if altimeter is None else altimeter ) self.lidar = Lidar(sdf_version=sdf_version) if lidar is None else lidar self.logical_camera = ( LogicalCamera(sdf_version=sdf_version) if logical_camera is None else logical_camera ) self.magnetometer = ( Magnetometer(sdf_version=sdf_version) if magnetometer is None else magnetometer ) self.navsat = Navsat(sdf_version=sdf_version) if navsat is None else navsat self._origin.pose = self.pose
@property def origin(self): warnings.warn( "`Sensor.origin` is deprecated since SDFormat v1.2. Use `Sensor.pose` instead.", DeprecationWarning, ) return self._origin @property def frames(self): warnings.warn( "`Sensor.frames` is deprecated since SDF v1.7." " Use `Model.frames` instead and set `Frame.attached_to` to the name of this link.", DeprecationWarning, ) return self._frames @classmethod def from_specific(cls, specific: Any, *, version: str) -> "ElementBase": sensor_args = { "name":, "type": specific.type, } args_with_default = { "always_on": BoolElement, "update_rate": FloatElement, "visualize": BoolElement, "enable_metrics": BoolElement, "origin": Origin, "pose": Pose, "topic": StringElement, "air_pressure": AirPressure, "camera": Camera, "ray": Ray, "contact": Contact, "rfid": Rfid, "rfidtag": RfidTag, "imu": Imu, "force_torque": ForceTorque, "gps": Gps, "sonar": Sonar, "transceiver": Transceiver, "altimeter": Altimeter, "lidar": Lidar, "logical_camera": LogicalCamera, "magnetometer": Magnetometer, "navsat": Navsat, } list_args = { "plugin": ("plugins", Plugin), "frame": ("frames", Frame), } standard_args = cls._prepare_standard_args( specific, args_with_default, list_args, version=version ) sensor_args.update(standard_args) return Sensor(**sensor_args, sdf_version=version) def declared_frames(self) -> Dict[str, tf.Frame]: declared_frames = { tf.Frame(3,} relevant_config = None if self.type == "camera": relevant_config = else: if should_warn_unsupported(): warnings.warn(f"Sensor type `{self.type}` is not implemented.") if relevant_config is not None: nested_elements = relevant_config.declared_frames() for name, frame in nested_elements.items(): declared_frames[f"{}::{name}"] = frame for frame in self._frames: for name, frame in frame.declared_frames().items(): declared_frames[f"{}::{name}"] = frame return declared_frames def to_static_graph( self, declared_frames: Dict[str, tf.Frame], sensor_frame: str, *, seed: int = None, shape: Tuple, axis: int = -1, ) -> tf.Frame: self.pose.to_static_graph(declared_frames, sensor_frame, shape=shape, axis=axis) relevant_config = None if self.type == "camera": relevant_config = else: if should_warn_unsupported(): warnings.warn(f"Sensor type `{self.type}` is not implemented.") if relevant_config is not None: relevant_config.to_static_graph( declared_frames, sensor_frame, seed=seed, shape=shape, axis=axis, ) for frame in self._frames: frame.pose.to_static_graph( declared_frames, f"{sensor_frame}::{}", shape=shape, axis=axis ) return declared_frames[sensor_frame] def to_dynamic_graph( self, declared_frames: Dict[str, tf.Frame], sensor_frame: str, *, seed: int = None, shape: Tuple, axis: int = -1, apply_state: bool = True, _scaffolding: Dict[str, tf.Frame], ) -> tf.Frame: relevant_config = None if self.type == "camera": relevant_config = else: if should_warn_unsupported(): warnings.warn(f"Sensor type `{self.type}` is not implemented.") if relevant_config is not None: relevant_config.to_dynamic_graph( declared_frames, sensor_frame, seed=seed, shape=shape, axis=axis, apply_state=apply_state, _scaffolding=_scaffolding, ) return declared_frames[sensor_frame]