Basic Installation

pip install scikit-bot

Install with Ignition Support

To use scikit-bot together with Ignition, you first have to install Ignition following the official instruction. Then you can install scikit-bot with additional dependencies

pip install scikit-bot[ignition]

Note: This also works incrementally, meaning that you can do this on top of an existing scikit-bot installation.

Development Installation

This installation sets up an editable installation with docs, linting, and testing dependencies. If you want to develop modules that have additional depdencies, you need to install these dependencies on top of this installation. If you encounter difficulties during the setup, feel free to create a new issue.

git clone
cd ropy
pip install -e .[docs,linting,testing]

Before you submit a PR make sure all tests pass, that all code is covered by tests, that you follow our code-style conventions, and that the documentation builds without errors. Here is how to perform each task (in the projects root directory).

  • Run all tests: pytest

  • Coverage: coverage run -m pytest . followed by coverage report

  • Code-Style: black .

  • Docs: sphinx-build -b html doc/source doc/build